Twins Camp


Changing Travel Baseball

Twins Camp (approximately a $2000 value)

The Twins Camp off-season program is the signature of the Indiana Twins. However, we have no problems listing the blueprint for creating something similar above. There are 3 reasons for that. The first reason is that very few organizations, if any, are willing to put all the work in to organize something as complex as Twins Camp. The second reason is that for the few that would be willing to put in the work, none would be willing to do it at a price that is affordable. The third reason is that we think every organization should offer this level of off-season development. If there is another organization willing to pull this off, than isn’t travel baseball in Indiana better for that?

Twins Camp What is Twins Camp all about?

  • 18-20 week instructor led team hitting sessions
  • 18-20 week instructor led team pitching sessions
  • Instructor led fielding camp
  • Instructor led catching camp
  • Instructor led baserunning camp
  • Instructor led performance training
  • Instructor led baseball boot camp
  • Instructor/Coach led mental training program
  • Instructor/Coach led "Baseball IQ" sessions
  • Winter Team Practices
  • 8u will have approximately 20 indoor practices prior to starting Spring outdoor practices
  • 9u through 17u teams get 8-12 weeks of indoor team practices (weekends after January)
  • Build pitcher pitch counts to prepare for season workload
  • Live batter/pitcher sessions to prepare hitters and pitchers for season
  • Work on game strategy
  • Classroom sessions

Creating A Culture.


All Twins coaches and instructors working with each other. All Twins coaches and instructors working together for every Twins player. All Twins players participating together in lessons and Mini-Camps. Our younger players learning from our older players. Our older players learning great leadership skills by helping our younger players. Our coaches learning from our instructors so they can communicate in one language to their players. Most importantly, our players building a toolbox for baseball and life that they can utilize for the rest of their lives.