Recruiting Information


The college baseball recruiting process can be a very long, tedious and sometimes confusing.  Understanding this process can go a long way in leading to a successful and enjoyable experience as you make the difficult decision as to what your college baseball future holds. The Indiana Twins Baseball Club is committed to leading, partnering and guiding you through this process.

College Baseball Scholarship Opportunities


As can be seen from the charts below, college baseball is a very competitive environment with only the select individuals achieving this level. When reaching this level, it is uncommon to receive a full ride scholarship, but rather, scholarships are spread throughout the entire team roster. It is our Twins philosophy and commitment to develop and prepare all players to reach this goal.

DivisionNumber of SchoolsNumber of AthletesAverage Team SizeScholarship Per Team
NCAA I29810,4003511.7
NCAA II2599,000399
NCAA III37411,20034NA

College Baseball Odds

Number of US High School Baseball Players: 492,000

Number of US College Baseball players (see table above): 52,000

% of US High School Players competing at any College Level: 9 %

% of US High School Players competing at NCAA I Schools: 2.10%

College Baseball Position Guidelines


Below is a link to the college baseball recruiting guidelines by position and college division/level as defined by the NCSA College recruiting website. It outlines the physical and statistical attributes most often seen by position and level of collegiate play.  Note that these are guidelines and exceptions are always the case.



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