Working with Scott

Below is a list of services available to organizations, programs, teams, and individuals that are serious about advancing themselves or their athletes to a level that is equivalent to the best in the country, or better!

Throwing Camp/Clinic

Clinics are partial, full day, or weekend long and can include presentations on topics such as Arm Health, Velocity, Mechanics and more. Additional components of the camps include throwing evaluations, physical assessments, mechanical breakdowns, drill instruction, and exercise demonstration.

Physical Assessment/Screening

Scott has been screening athletes since 2014 and in 2019 became certified with world renowned, OnBaseU, gaining additional skills through assessments that relate to how pitchers move. In addition, Scott has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2015 and stresses the importance of movement with all of his clients. Using assessments or screenings is an absolute must to discover whether or not an athlete is capable of moving in a way that coaches want them to. If a player cannot move adequately, training must be adjusted in order for the athlete to have future success. Adjustments can be quick to make up for a lack of capabilities, or they can be included in their routine so that the adjustments happen over time. Athletes receive the physical assessment, the areas they need to work on, and corrective exercises or drills to move more efficiently like an elite athlete.

Mechanical Evaluations

Athletes receive a slow motion breakdown of their throwing/pitching mechanics based on over 20 different movement checkpoints that reveal leaks in energy, unstable movements, potential for injury, and velocity/command indicators. Using over a decade of video breakdown and multiple certifications, including the Driveline Baseball “Foundations of Pitching,” Scott is able to quickly find what an athlete can work on.


Utilizing TRAQ, a programming software for athletes, or traditional programming techniques, players can have custom workouts built for lifting or throwing throughout the year. Programs are written out in blocks and can be adjusted based on the needs of the athlete, team, or program, as well as the time of year.

Nutritional Evaluation/Programming

In addition to coaching for over a decade, Scott has also been a full time Health Coach and Personal Trainer since 2014 and regularly works with individuals on achieving their nutritional goals. Whether it’s putting on size, leaning down, finding more energy, or trying to refuel, athletes are given individualized programs that Scott has continued to improve on with the help of Registered Dietitians, to achieve success.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking topics and events are flexible. With a passion for helping people, Scott is eager to share his experiences with others on topics ranging from pitching and training, to psycholgy and personal development.


For pricing and additional information, please reach out to Scott via email or phone: | 989-289-0169