Core Covenants

What does it mean to be an Indiana Twins Baseball Player?

The Indiana Twins Organizational Core Covenants


Preparation Discipline Dedication Toughness
Definitions Going above and beyond on
the work necessary to give me the confidence to succeed in any
Doing the right thing and
making the right choices when nobody else is watching.
Committing myself entirely
to acheive the task at hand as well as individual and team goals.
what it takes to be
the ultimate competitor physically, mentally and emotionally everyday.
our core covenants look like
in school
  • Having the proper materials (books, folders,
    etc) for class.
  • Doing my homework so I know the material for my
  • Studying for my tests.
  • Be trusted with special privileges.
  • Do homework and studying without being reminded
    by parents or teachers.
  • Be the leader in group projects.
  • Be on time to school and classes.
  • Create realistic short term and long term
    academic goals.
  • Allow your actions to show how important
    academics are to you.
  • Show respect and appreciation for your teachers
    by thanking them after every class.
  • Be INTO not just in class.
  • Fake it until you make it (get up and get to
    school even when you don’t feel 100%).
  • Sit in the front row and/or middle row for the
    best learning effect (this isn’t always the coolest place to sit
our core covenants look like
in the community.
  • Represent yourself and your teammates well at
    all times.
  • Be a positive role model for those that might
    look up to you.
  • Have a “make a difference” mentality.
  • Don’t stay out late.
  • Follow laws and rules.
  • Always maintain a 1st class appearance.
  • Do your part to keep your community looking
  • Participate in community service activities.
  • Be charitable.
  • Always be respectful and polite.
  • Be pro-active at trying to have a positive
    impact on someone or something in the community.
  • Walk away from potentially negative situations.
  • Avoid peer pressue situations.
  • Know your limits and stay in control.
  • Integrity over “Cool”….Always.
our core covenants look like
in practice.
  • Have the equipment and attire needed for
  • Listen closely to drill instructions so that
    you can execute them correctly.
  • Have a process to prepare you mentally for
  • Learn the pre-practice warm-up and be able to
    execute it without a coaches help.
  • Be on time to practices.
  • Work hard in drills even if coaches aren’t
  • Be coachable and maintain eye contact when
    communicating with coaches.
  • Be accountable and hold teammates accountable.
  • Do what it takes to make yourself better at
    every practice.
  • Make sure you are working towards your
    individual and team goals at every practice.
  • Do extra work on your own.
  • Ask a coach for extra work.
  • Give your best effort at all times at every
  • Practice with game-like intensity and energy.
  • Compete with teammates and expect them to
    compete with you.
  • When it’s hard, push through it.
our core covenants look like
in games.
  • Have a process to mentally prepare you for a
  • Know and use your routines for hitting,
    pitching and fielding.
  • Know the defensive and offensive signs.
  • Fuel the body with proper nutrition and
  • Control what you can control, don’t worry about
    what you can’t control.
  • Play one pitch at a time.
  • Keep emotions in check and attitudes positive,
    opponents feed on your negative energy.
  • Win and Lose with Class.
  • Accept your role and thrive in it.
  • Always make the team’s success your top
  • Support your teammates.
  • Share information (pitch types, pitch patterns,
    hitter weaknesses) with your teammates.
  • Embrace FEAR, then attack it.
  • Respect all opponents, FEAR none of them.
  • Be the ultimate competitor.
  • Fake it until you make it.
  • NEVER give up.