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Indiana Twins 2018-2019 Tryout Info

Please Read the Below Information and Links Prior to Registering for Tryouts:

Tryout Dates and Times:

8u – Head Coach Ryan Hoover
9u – Head Coach Ryan Cross
10u – Head Coach Jason Clymore
11u – Head Coach Mike Prickett – Major Team
Looking for one player to finalize roster.  This team went 42-11 last season.  Please fill out a registration form using the link below.
11u – Head Coach Justin Bennett – AA Team
Looking for one more player to finalize roster.  Please fill out a registration form using the link below.
12u – Head Coach Chris Kerr
Looking for one more player to finalize roster.  Please fill out a registration form using the link below.
13u – Head Coach Brady Rife – AAA Team
13u – Head Coach Trevor McDonald – AA Team
Looking for one more player to finalize roster.  Please fill out a registration form using the link below.
14u – Head Coach Caleb Rund
Looking for one more player to finalize roster.  Please fill out a registration form using the link below.
15u – Head Coach Dalton Carter
16u – Head Coach Brandon Smalling
17u – Head Coach Jeff Stout

Indiana Twins Park located at 6727 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN 46151
Indy Sports Park located at 6701 South Harding Street Indianapolis, IN 46217
Roncalli High School located at 3300 Prague Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Once the player tryout registration is submitted (link below) a coach will be contacting you.

New Information for 2018-2019 Season!!!
For the 2018-2019 season, the Indiana Twins will be CONSIDERING a second team for ages 9u through 14u. With our new complex, we will now have more space along with fields to allow us to expose our off-season development program to more players.  The potential of a second team creates more openings each year for players to join our program.  We will have one team that plays AAA/Major/Open with more travel and another team that plays AA/AAA with less travel.

The Indiana Twins have also already moved in to their new complex, Indiana Twins Park (address above).  The complex will undergo major renovations that have already started that will improve the interior of the existing 9000 sq ft facility, create a new 6000 sq ft facility and a complete overhaul to the 3 existing fields.  The 3 fields will be used exclusively by Twins teams for practices, games and Twins Camp activities.

What does it mean to be a Twins Player?  Check out our Core Covenants below.

Indiana Twins Core Covenants

Are you a parent with a question or do you want to see what other parents have to say?  Check out the Parent FAQ and Testimonials page below.

Parent FAQ and Testimonials

All 14u-17u Twins Players get a Sports Recruits profile and full access to the Sports Recruits recruiting software.  Not sure what that is?  Check out the link below.  For those familiar with recruiting services, they can cost as much as $2000 per individual.  Sports Recruits is included in the fees of every 14u through 17u player.

Sports Recruits Recruiting Software Information

The Indiana Twins have invested thousands of hours and dollars into creating a major league level environment for one of the best player development programs in the Midwest. We use major league equipment, technology and best practices. The Twins are connected with multiple college, MiLB and MLB coaches, trainers, doctors and instructors.

The Indiana Twins are modifying their Twins Camp program based on feedback from parents and coaches.  Twins Camp will now be more friendly to players that play multiple sports.  Our 9u through 14u teams will now start their hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, baserunning and performance training sessions in January instead of late October.  Those sessions will now run for 12 weeks and lead up to Spring Break.

For those 9u through 14u players that want to continue getting the extra work in from October through December, we will be offering lessons with our instructors for the first time.  Lessons will be done in small groups (3-5 players) for an additional fee, but will be hugely discounted when compared to normal lesson costs.  Getting lessons through the Twins instructors will keep the information and language consistent with what is taught in Twins Camp and reinforced by our coaches during the season.

We are also creating a new program for our 9u through 14u age that we are really excited about.  It will be called Twins Baseball Boot Camp and will be a supplement to our mental training program.  Boot camp will be challenging and competitive in nature.  The goal will be to set individual, group and team records through physical activities that allow the player to become better at controlling his body in space.  It will also allow us to build mental toughness by helping players respond better to adversity through these activities.

Our HS Twins Camp will run from October 29th through mid-March like it always has.  However, due to having two facilities instead of one, we will be able to offer more scheduling flexibility for HS athletes that play other sports than ever before.  We will also be able to offer the flexibility for HS players to attend hitting and pitching on the same day.  We’ve also moved the mental training program for our HS teams to the weekends to allow more players to attend those sessions.


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