Twins Players participating in Long Toss Program

Indiana Twins instructors Jason Clymore, Scott Bryan and John Reel have been busy coaching Twins players from all Twins teams in the Long Toss Program.  These Twins players are learning arm care and building arm strength.  Putting in work in August to achieve success in April.

Twins Coaches Meet for Twins Camp 2014-2015 Planning


Last Friday, 12 Indiana Twins coaches and instructors had a meeting to plan the 4th annual Twins Camp.  How do you improve upon an already very good off season player development program that includes hitting lessons, pitching lessons, performance training, mental training, and baseball classroom sessions?  The answer: Smaller groups for lessons, improving instructor to player ratio and the addition of Mini Camps which include position specific training.  More about Mini Camps to come.  Let the countdown begin. The 2014-2015 Indiana Twins Camp is coming in October!

Indiana Twins Announce 8u Team and Tryout

The Indiana Twins officially announced that they will have their first 8u team in 2014-2015. They tryout will be held on Sunday, August 31st from 1:00 – 3:00 at Bluff Park. Bluff Park is located at the corner of Bluff Rd. and Hanna Ave. on the southside (46217) of Indy. If you have any questions regarding the tryout please contact Jason Clymore at If you plan on attending the tryout, please fill out a registration form using the “Become a Twins Player” link at the top of the website’s homepage.

2014-2015 13u Indiana Twins Tryout Announced

The 13u Indiana Twins will be holding a tryout this Saturday from 10am to 12pm at Bluff Park. Bluff Park is located at the corner of Bluff Rd. and Hanna Ave. on the southside (46217). For questions regarding the tryout, please contact Jason Clymore at If you plan on attending the tryout, please register at the “Become a Twins Player” link above.

2014-2015 14u Indiana Twins Looking for Players

The 14u Indiana Twins are looking for 2-3 players to complete their roster. This is a returning Twins team that had a 33-23 overall record and went 23-8 in their last 31 games including a tournament championship and two tournament runner-ups over that 31 game span. This team is coached by two non-Dad coaches (Jason Clymore and John Reel) that have been coaching travel baseball for 10 years. They have 11 players from the 2013 and 2014 HS classes that they coached that are playing college baseball (5 of those are Division 1 College Players).

We are looking for all positions, but especially need catchers and a SS. If you are interested in tryout information, please contact Jason Clymore at

Why Should A Family Choose The Indiana Twins?

The Indiana Twins were created to provide the most complete travel baseball experience in Indiana. Families have so many choices when it comes to travel baseball these days. How could anyone possibly know what the right choice is? The Twins are trying to make that decision easier by offering a package that simply can’t be competed with when it comes to quality of instruction, hours of instruction and the cost per hour for that instruction.

In 2014, the Indiana Twins were among the lowest cost per player organizations with fees ranging between $1200-$1500 depending on age group. For that price, the Twins players received uniforms and got to play in a full tournament schedule similar to most other organizations. However, what truly sets the Twins apart is the Twins Camp off-season program. Every Twins player received 76 hours of instruction included in their budget. Those hours were divided out between hitting instruction, pitching instruction, baseball specific performance training, mental training from a world renowned performance coach, a physical assessment for every player and baseball classroom sessions. Those hours didn’t include the baseball team workouts that each team was able to have at Inner Circle Baseball.

Indiana Twins teams not only have Twins Camp and Winter team practices to develop the players, but our teams also practice outside during the season. That should be obvious and every travel team should practice during the season, but the reality is that they don’t.

Travel baseball was created to give players a better way for preparing them for the next level. Unfortunately, too many organizations believe that preparation for the next level comes in the form of a bunch of fancy uniforms and games, games, games. Games are an important part of the equation, but the Indiana Twins don’t think they are the most important part and we certainly don’t think the other parts should be limited or neglected all together. Travel baseball as a whole has gotten off of the track that it was originally designed for. The Indiana Twins organization is dedicated to taking the road less traveled in hopes of getting back to the original concept. We sincerely hope that other organizations follow our lead, because at the end of the day, whether a player is in the Twins organization or another organization, shouldn’t it be about teaching them the game and preparing them for the highest level they want to reach?

If you think the Twins are a good fit for your family, use the “Become a Twins Player” link at the top of the page to sign your player up for tryouts. The tryout schedule is posted further down this page.

Every year we try to improve on our off-season program and next year will be no different. We are already working on greatly improving the 2014-2015 version of Indiana Twins Camp.